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            Manual Tile Cutter
            Industrial model
            Super professional model
            Professional model
            Semi-professional model
            Economic model
            Manual Flooring Cutter
            Laminate flooring cutter
            Vinyl tile cutter
            Electric Stone Cutting Machine
            Professional model
            Semi-professional model
            Economic model
            Electric Tile Cutter
            Professional model
            Semi-professional model
            Economic model
            Tiling Tools
            Tile nipper
            Tile plier
            Tile scriber
            Tile saw
            Tile file
            Grout rake
            Tile hammer
            Tile spacer
            Cutting blade
            Caulking gun
            Grout float
            Tile cleaner
            Other tools
            Tiling Tools Kit
            Power Tools
            Electric mixer
            Wall chaser
            Tiling Tools Kit
            ITEM NO.: 255002
            540140 Manual tile cutter330mm
            473057 Tile saw, 6" , with blade
            540010 Tile plier, 8"
            420839 Tile nipper, 8"
            564009 Trowel, 280x 115ram
            610000 Grout rake, 6"
            430011  Tile hammer
            562201  Scraper, 2"
            564060 Sponge
            BMC size: 560x330x 160ram
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